Watkins Wavemaster 5000 (REM) p/n 33980

Watkins Wavemaster  5000 (REM) p/n 33980
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Manufacturer: Spa Equipment Company LLC
Price: $279.00
Product ID : 33980-REM
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This Wavemaster 5000 1hp 115V 1 speed 3450rpm jet pump

Used on the 1989-1996 Hot Spring Prodigy and Jetsetter models.

Also used on the Tiger River 1992-1993 Khyber, 1992-1996 Manora and Tondi spa models.

Important Note:
If your existing Wavemaster 5000 is a 1.5 hp, Watkins p/n 0974001 and oem Manufacture p/n 06115734-1,
it is recommended by Watkins to replace it with pump p/n 71699-1. Just input this # in the search box
in the upper left of our page.

2 year warranty, Fully Re manufactured Fits the following tubs

Hot Springs
MODEL--------------YEAR-------------Serial # Range
Home Spa ---------1988-------------- n/a
Personal Spa -----1986-1988--------- n/a
Prodigy ----------1989-1996--------- H-191001 to H-469999
Jetsetter---------1989-1996--------- J-191001 to J-469999
Tiger River
MODEL--------------YEAR-------------Serial # Range
Khyber------------1992-1993--------- L-320001 to L-439999
Manora------------1992-1996--------- M-320001 to M-469999
Manora------------1995-1996--------- MH-151001 to MH-469999
Tondi-------------1992-1996--------- N-320001 to N-469999
Tondi (Round)-----1995-1996--------- P-151001 to P-469999
Tondi (Round)220V--1995-1996-------- PH-151001 to PH-469999
Please be aware that Watkins does not actually manufacture the pumps used in their spas. We are selling you the same pump built by the manufacture that Watkins contracted with to build this version of the Wavemaster Pump. We absolutely guarantee that the pump we are selling is the same one that Watkins used in their hot tubs. It is always possible that the oem manufacture makes changes to improve the original pump or replace it all together. When a pump is no longer available in its original version, we will replace it with the current version just as all Watkins dealers do.